End of May, flowers bloom and decay

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flowers bloom and decay. things begin and they end.

June Sketches

Hey dearie, it’s the end of May and I’m back for the end-of-the-month recap. Things really went from hitting the fan to a total car crash this spring. It’s honestly not the best spring I’ve ever experienced, but it’s at least top 5. In my otherwise uphill battle happening in the background, my art life has been surprisingly well. I’m not overly exerting myself to meet expectations I’ve placed on myself which, to be honest, were nonexistent this month. Surviving without losing the fundamentals I’ve been building my life around was all that I could think about.

As a result, I published my first full comic: Age of Sirene, Season 1 Promotional Comic, and even worked on my latest children’s book (which is done in collaboration with my eldest sister). It’s been a wild ride that I will continue to ride for some time until we’re finished.

Meanwhile, AoS continues to be produced by me and me alone.

for mindfulness conversations

This month brought a lot of challenges to my mental well-being. It put to test my ability to maintain sanity while trying to function within the society I am currently active in. I work as a creator most of the time. However, it’s not something that can be constituted as being “normal” (which is why I continue to add qualifiers). Here are some of the things that kept me sane.

This channel “the Boring Channel” and another of his channel gave lots of motivational/ uplifting speeches and meditative quietness.

When the world is being ridiculous and this is the best comedy on “tv”.

And when I have the capacity in me to learn, I try to keep up with how to run this dream job of being an artist/writer.

from the department of creativity

I have done quite a lot of work prior to this, but most of it as documented was restricted to written work. It’s something that isn’t easy to show. But if you are a Patron, you’d know that I produce a lot. You can check it out here Patreon @ junesketches.

Why is our (emotional) mental health important?

Our mental health is more important than ever. Despite advocating for self-love in the past eight years, I still feel burnt out to practice what I preach. I’d press restart on life, but that’s impossible. We can’t relive our pasts hoping to change it. The worst part about having depression and anxiety is wondering if…

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from the Department of Self-Preservation

I currently support my work through multiple sources of income. One of them is through this website and another is on Patreon. I create other types of blog posts covering an array of topics regarding my art and journey on Patreon much similar to here on my blog. I go in-depth on the story building and character building of any story that I am currently working on.

It is my intention to create more “exclusive” content on Patreon as time goes on. So, if you like the work that I put out now, I ask that you consider supporting my work on Patreon as well whether monetarily or just reading through the free content already available. Every bit of reach and engagement is important to me and very much appreciated.

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this was brought to you by my sheer will to put something out

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you are enough.

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