my first logo design

Does it show that I’m a total beginner in logo design having been excited before the official commission and months after it’s been delivered?

I’m still quite on a high about the entire thing. I’ve learned so much throughout the entire process and I finally get to disclose the details to you guys! There’s much to talk about.

a cautious decision

When I decided to pursue entrepreneurship over continuing my BS degree, I wasn’t the least bit confident in myself. I was an entire wreck as a person at the time. Nothing about being a freelance artist ever crossed my mind until I broke apart and couldn’t figure out how to piece myself back together.

The answer to the question “are you applying for a job” was always “yeah” which was always a blatant lie to the people who asked and to myself. I had this firm fear that I needed a job that was similar to everyone else’s. Otherwise, was I even adulting? If I was normal at least in that aspect of my life, am I better off?

the answer was ‘no’

I wasn’t better off. I got a job for a week back in 2016. It was fun. It was a learning experience and something I thought I would come to enjoy even with time.

Long story short since I find that I’ll be coming back to 2016 on a different post, the job wasn’t for me.

But why talk about that time in my life at all?

Thanks to that job and that job having been a previous workplace for my sister, I received an email inquiring about a logo design. Without these connections, the choices I’d made in my life, this gig would not have existed for me.

a door in every path

I’m sure there would be other opportunities had I finished college or continued the job but they’d be different. Honestly, I’m no longer one to speculate on what ifs, so let’s end it by saying, there’s a door in every path.

Which is what definitely happened to me.

Mistakes like that get chalked up to “learning experiences”. I had a lot of chalk-it-up moments. I don’t fault myself too much about it as it was a first of many for me. Everything about this commission was a learning experience. It was a new area for me.

It’s like Dorothy landing in OZ.

I was out of my element despite having done other (simpler) commissions prior.

Despite my beginner-ism stacking obstacles for me, the client and I were able to find the right design. I believe the process took the length of time that felt personally good for me.

I did however get bogged down at one point.

Ah, such is me.

It would not be a commission if I didn’t get bogged down. As always, art for someone is not my cup of tea. I will always prefer my personal projects over commissions. That said though, sometimes, one must try other drinks to know what they like. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have some cash coming in in an otherwise barren land.

My life is at a drought and when it rains, I collect!

And I believe that is an important aspect of being a freelance artist, the ability to compromise.

For a while, I’d lost the ability to compromise since my journey to self-healing. “Compromise” had given me a lot of grieve and I never wanted to return to that time in my life other than to hug my younger self. Maturing a little more here and there, I’m able to compromise in healthier ways.

There is a door in every path.

check out the fruit of my labor here

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