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Between Crossings

comic/light novel. genre: romance, fantasy

This is the final story between a descendant of the King of Hell and the daughter of Earth. An unexpected understanding forms between two unexpecting individuals, Laverne, the girl who’s death is unprecedented, and Yueh, the curious and bored god.

volume 1 script finished | Gallery | Comic | Light Novel

The Bird Song

comic. genre: new adult/josei, fiction, fantasy

Clara Walsh was simply living her life day to day, unattached and uninvolved with the belief that if she let herself relax, she’d get hurt but it’s not the pain of being loved that she feared. She remembers love but she also remembers being left behind. In her attempt to be detached, she, a non magical girl, forcibly inserts herself in the affairs of magical creatures and finds home.

volume 1 script
character design sheets
volume 1 comic draft 1


Lady Eliana

light novel. genre: fantasy, historical fiction, mystery, romance

Lady Eliana woke up one day from an ominous dream depicting her death in the far off future. Slowly coming to understand the circumstances of her birth, she struggles to change her fate. What is destiny anyway? She’ll just have to fight, arms flailing and legs kicking even if it means changing the course of events. What is life without its uncertainties!

Listening to Georgiana.

novel. genre: new adult, creative fiction, self-help, a slice of life

Georgiana Mendoza is tired of lying about everything wrong with her life. For once, she’d like to say, “I’m not okay,” but she’s not sure if it’s okay to admit how horribly awry her life has turned out. So, she runs to the only Father to ever listen to her. In a foreign land where she knows no one and no one knows her, she hopes to tell the truth, to cry, to shout, and to finally breathe.


Meet the Artist

a series of digital paintings and musings.

This series is a compilation of work from art to writings focused on my personal views and growth over the years. Some are looking back into the past while others are about future thoughts.


Red Girls

a series of digital paintings.

Red Girls is a digital painting/drawing series focused on the girls who ‘wear’ the color red whether by literal sense or figurative. In the literal sense, they would be wearing clothes colored red or in the hue of red. Figuratively, they would be characters that exude strength, leadership, or incomparible anger/love/pain.

Red Strings

a series of watercolor paintings and musings.

Red Strings is a watercolor paiting series inspired in part by my trip to Japan and embellished with the story of Georgiana and the guy from her dreams. It is also heavily influenced by artists like Hieu (Kelogsloops) and Nikolaos Kafasis (NikolasTower).

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