Coloring Page – Lilly Buenaflor – Huevember 2020


Lilly Buenaflor is a 5×7 inch Coloring Page drawn for Huevember 2020; this is accessible for free. Lilly is a character from my novel, Listening to Georgiana. This coloring page features lavender flowers/bulbs. This coloring page is meant for Huevember- a monochromatic art challenge on social platforms such as Instagram. You can follow my progress by checking out my Instagram feed!

Lilly was featured in a very old video some years ago: Some Friendships Never End


I ask that you don’t erase my logo (Js), and if you post it anywhere, please give me credit. If you’d like, use #lookherejune for me to see.

This page is 5×7 inches with a 400 dpi, saved as PNG.


You have 24 hours to download the files before the download link expires.

20 in stock

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