Looking to hire me for a commissions?


  1. Please be patient and kind. Sometimes, emails do not get to me or are lost in the sea of other emails I have to comb through. I guarantee that I will get to reading it. Hit me a DM on Insta if it’s been more than a month.
  2. I have the right to refuse any commissions if it doesn’t comply with my values or beliefs and without explanation but feel free to inquire about what you can commission.
  3. Only use the contact form if you are commissioning for an event, company or if an option is not available in the Portrait Commission.


  1. I ask that you refrain from commissioning NSFW content and any fanart of any proprietary owned characters (ie. Disney).

I accept the following:

  • Paypal* (This is my preferred method.)
  • Google Pay
  • Venmo
  • Ko-Fi (multiple payments required)
  • Or just the regular old card transaction

Prices may vary over time. Please check here for any changes in prices in the future. I will either update the graphs or have an announcement site-wide.

Drop me a line!

I’m accepting new clients through the rest of the year. Please drop me a line and we’ll get started with your next project!

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