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The Days Go On | focused elsewhere | a diary

The days go on, but I am still. July 12. 12.38PM I’m kind of in a lull where working on anything takes a lot of push. It’s supposed to get easier; that’s what I’ve been told. However, the struggle to work on anything is too taxing. I’ve found myself retreating into my safe space more…

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Camp NaNo | Age of Sirene Book 2

July was a particularly long month this year compared to other years even without Camp NaNo and writing out the first draft of AoS Book 2. That’s because I also had to juggle therapy, acclimating to my anti-depressant, and managing the missing emotions from the loss of family. Many things happened, but I remained the…

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The voices in my head; a diary from a year ago

When I was growing up, I struggled to quell the numbing and grating voices in my head. I thought I had outgrown whatever that was, but lately, I’ve been hearing them again. August 2021. The strange voices in my head can’t exactly be described as being heard. It’s all in my head, and I’m painfully…

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Afterthoughts | Art Dump from May

May was a lot of work and trying to juggle real life with staying productive, these are my afterthoughts. That’s a lot of work for someone who’s constantly struggling with finding a stable work ethic because of my constant struggle with my depression. They say we should celebrate the little wins. This art dump is…

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