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Why is our (emotional) mental health important?

Our mental health is more important than ever. Despite advocating for self-love in the past eight years, I still feel burnt out to practice what I preach. I’d press restart on life, but that’s impossible. We can’t relive our pasts hoping to change it. The worst part about having depression and anxiety is wondering if…

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woman in clothes lying underwater in tub

Poem | Impose

I gotta tell you,It’s certainly true,How we’ve oversteppedAnd have encroached,In this little spaceWithout your grace.But we’re sorry,For the worry,We were feeling,That you were reelingInto a slow descentAs of this recent.We hear you when you sayWe take up your hours in a day. There’s no senseIn being tense,We’re only here for youIt’s honestly true,So don’t feel…

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man in gray coat standing on brown field

Poem | Who Are You?

(Who are you?) My fingers fiddle with nothing,While my legs shake,Anticipating and soothingCrumbled pieces of souls. I cross my legs more than onceAnd turn to my surroundingsFeeling my quickening pulseReminded that the ground isA lot like quicksandAnd the desert is confounding. Silly gestures pass us byWith small talk to decorate the silenceWaiting for each other…

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