lady eliana | prologue | an ending

volume 1 | spring of youth story by Philomena Anne | art by J.Adupe Eliana Imogene Wardwell found herself locked behind bars at the age of nineteen and for the continuation of the year, she would be in trial for the brutal death of her little sister and baby brother as well as for theContinue reading “lady eliana | prologue | an ending”

2019-2020 | resolutions and goals for the new year

Let’s talk about my resolutions and goals from 2019 and for the coming year, 2020. Last year, I came up with a list of resolutions for the new year and this year I’ll be making a new set of goals. did I accomplish my resolutions and goals for 2019? My success can truly be attestedContinue reading “2019-2020 | resolutions and goals for the new year”

december | story teasers

For the month of December, here are the series I will be publishing accompanied with teasers. I will be publishing two pieces with two differing leading ladies, one who is flighty while the other is headstrong.

listening to georgiana. | chapter 1.1

Georgiana had a dream about her brother and wakes up to the sound of the countryside. It’s peaceful. It’s foreign but somehow, this was ‘home’ for now.