In October 2015,

I took an indefinite break from Art School to address my depression and high anxiety. Since then, I have documented the feelings, thoughts, and steps I’ve taken to remedy the situation. Through this Category or Tag- Le Voyage, I have collected all those posts in one easy-to-find section.

Here’s a link to my Le Voyage post.

It has been a long journey where I had to search for my personality, and I know that it’s been worthwhile.

In 2017, I was comfortable enough to finally say “character gotten” and now the journey continues with trying to stay true to myself, living my passions, and as Jane Austen says, “I wish as well as everybody else to be perfectly happy but, like everybody else, it must be in my own way.” So, in my own way, I am traveling the path I feel makes me ‘happiest’.

It has not been an easy trek. If you’d like to find out more about my personal struggles with depression and my journey to self-healing, check out:


a lesson I learned from her

by my side

my decisions. my life.

The Many Him in My Life

You’ll think of me

the definition of 24

I didn’t think I would make it…

when 24 comes

poem 83

strange being 25

It reminds me of a childhood I can’t remember. 

this is 25


It isn’t in writing that I am often at a standpoint.

what is art… to me?

december thoughts

too many things happening

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