“A journey is all it takes to build a character.”

Hey, I’m Roxanne Adupe but you may know me more as June of June Sketches.

I’m a 20-something Filipino freelance artist, located in California, dabbling in novel and comic writing to expand my horizons. I’ve always enjoyed world-building and storytelling as a child as a means of magical escape. Aptly, that is the dream goal, the finish line so to speak.

My blog posts and videos encompass the worlds I create and the life that I lead. I discuss the hardships of having depression (and other mental roadblocks) and the ‘hows’ to get on with life while living life as a self-employed artist.

As a freelance artist, I design characters to logos for business and event invites on the side to fuel the passion.

Who is Philomena Anne? Vela June?

Vela June is the pen name I used while posting on my old blog. I thought it just made sense to use the site name as my name. It made it easier to promote and remember. The significance of the name does have meaning and becomes a basis to the creation of ‘June Sketches’.

Previously, I went by ‘Philomena Anne’ to separate my child-friendly art from my more mature, mental-health-heavy work but recently, the two have been melding themselves together. I feel there is no need to separate two halves of myself.

Why ‘June’ Sketches?

When I was in high school, I read this manhwa, Girl Queen, where the main character’s name was June. I thought that was such a beautiful name and that the entire aesthetic of the series was something I wanted to emulate.

So, I created a character named June and based her off of me while styling her like the manhwa.

The basis of her story was about a girl who gets taken into a different world- Isekai.

Isekai (Japanese: 異世界, transl. “different world”) is the portal fantasy subgenre of Japanese light novels, manga, anime, and video games. Isekai works revolve around a normal person from Earth being transported to, reborn, or trapped in a parallel universe, usually a fantasy world.

I kept bits of ideas from that story and scrapped the connective tissues. Those ideas were then reused to birth ‘Juniper Vela Black’, a fictional character created for a Harry Potter AU Fanfiction.

Interested in seeing her initial ‘design’? Check out: Cover of my fanfiction by SpiceMeUp @ Wattpad: The Tale of Juniper

Yes, fanfiction.

I started reading Harry Potter at a time when my life was just going no where and I couldn’t talk to anyone. The series became a refuge for me. And along the way, I accepted that I had become a part of the fandom: Potterheads.

I started writing stories based on the characters’ original to the beloved series.

When writing became more prominent in my life, I started tackling the story of four siblings (based on me and my own siblings) who get sucked (Isekai) into this time portal that land them or more accurately worded, hurled them from the ceiling of the Great Hall of Hogwarts.

The story is about a girl’s death and how that came to be her chosen fate.

I think it’s important to mention that I was writing this during a time when I was still so heavily influenced by my depression and loneliness. And how that fact played into the structure of the story.

Juniper Vela Black was a girl who had a seemingly balanced life and whose loneliness gnawed at her in the quietness of circumstantial loneliness (like me when I moved schools) and who was forced to carve out a path where no path should’ve been available.

The name ‘Vela’ originated from her as well. And my blog ‘vela june’ came to life as I continued to write her story in the empty library of the art school I ended up dropping out of. But that’s a whole different story not for this time.

Connect with me

I share stories of my life all the time. Stories about that circumstantial loneliness or when writing became an important outlet for me.

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