This page is about the girl, the differences in my various projects and why I sometimes sign with varying names.

j. adupe

freelance artist and occasional writer

J. Adupe or June is my artist-name. Under my real name, I publish work that is available to be viewed by all ages. My writings and drawings do not depict any sort of work that is not safe.

Most of my work is published under this name but I have pieces of work that are labeled ‘Mature’ content. For that, I have created a pen-name.

You can get to know my artist side more in my ‘about

philomena anne


Philomena Anne or Phil Anne is a pen-name dedicated to written works that fall under the genre of ‘Mature’. These written works delve deeply into topics like mental health (with detailed descriptions), violence, and profanity.

I do not publish under the same name due to this distinction between my works.

While I do publish fanfiction under the name ‘Vela June’, which happened before I took on my artist name: June Sketches and I choose not to change it due to years of having used it. I have other accounts in fanfic forums that use it including my old blog.

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