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Hi my dear, reader
Did you know that spring is here?
The first thing I did was clean. Over the years, I've just come to associate spring with the need to clean.

The first place I decided to clean was outside my office.

There's this awkward hallway just outside my room, and it's served as this weird bookshelf area that never really get touched aside from special occasions when I need to decorate. Even then, I've failed to clean it regularly.

With the new spring season, I thought, yes, this is the best time to get it all cleaned out. Get rid of that dead fly that's been there since we had our floors changed back in 2019. Gross! And time to collect the spiderwebs that have been weaved by countless tiny spiders. I don't like bugs, so I geared up as best I could.

Got me my CoVid attire all set and ready for some good ol' TLC which that awkward hallway needed.

From the Cleaning Crew who keep my workspace tidy.

An image of...
An image of...
Ideally, drilling some shelves onto the wall would be the best solution, but my family has this weird fear of drilling holes. So, as far as this goes, it's as organized as I'd like it to be. (If I ever wanted to, I could hang those in the future. It's good as it is for now.)

In the process, I did have to pull out a bunch of books. If I'd known this would be a satisfying clean, I would've taken a before photo because it was dingy in this tiny hallway before. Books unsafely towered over anyone who walked by. I was always afraid it'd topple over during earthquakes. They balanced on 2x4s and a height of at least 3 feet. Thankfully, they never did.

I finally got to put a little altar for our late dog Ginger the Thief.

I plan to add some more artwork around it, as well as adding my fish tank somewhere there. Maybe when I return to this, I'll have found some photos of its past!

From the History of the Spaces I Live In

An image of...
An image of...
Would you have known these were taken at least 5 years apart from each other? The first was when I still shared a room with my now married sister while the other is after she got hitched!!! It's been some time since the later photo. If you watch my YouTube channel, the latest showcase of my office was something like this:
An image of...
But I've since returned to my room. I'll be updating the My Art Journey series later mid-summer. I'm still collecting photos!

Currently trying to recreate a brighter office which I had back in 2018 and early 2019.

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From the Creator of To-Do Lists

I've got quite a few things to go through in regards to cleaning, and Ikea is not doing me any favors. I'm trying to get rid of flimsy cardboard shelves in my life in exchange for sturdier cardboard shelves. HAHAHA. Honestly though, I'm waiting for certain products to go back in-stock where I am, so it'll take the latter half of spring most likely before I finish all that I intend to do. Cleaning-wise.

From the Drawer of Post-It Reminders

Have a good Easter. Celebrate safely and enjoy the little moments that bring you happiness.

Easter reminds me of when I was 13 and rushed to the ER because I was low on sugar. Be good to yourselves. Remember to take care!

(I also remember the little squirrel stuffed toy the firemen gave me. 👍 Highlight of my pre-teens.)

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[ short ] ramblings of those in waiting
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