Age of Sirene Comic, promotional one-shot

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I finished the Age of Sirene Comic, a promotional one-shot. It’s been a feat, an accomplishment, and certainly my current pride and joy.

Drawing has been a passion of sorts (says a person struggling to identify emotions) through the last 7 years. It has also been a source of anxiety and was once the bane of my existence. Yet, here we are, one zine, one children’s book, and a few coloring books later, a comic made by me for my story.

It’s been a great joy pursuing this dream. As I slowly close this chapter of creating Age of Sirene, I move on to the tougher parts, the parts that will inevitably break me apart. But I hope that the struggle I will go through reminds me of today. The days before writing this- to the day I had officially finished the last page of the comic. Or the last day I drew in the last color on the cover. I hope to remember the journey, as short as it was, so that I may be motivated to continue on.

The Age of Sirene Comic was a work from my heart.

I enjoyed every bit of it and learned mostly how my brain is my biggest hurdle. It is a wall I must climb continuously. However, so long as I know that I am better than what I first perceive myself as, I can get to the top.

This is probably Asena’s biggest influence in my life. I wrote her as a character with only one fundamental flaw. Everything else about her is curiosity, observation, and hard work. Perfection isn’t what she tries to reach, but because she enjoys the things that she puts her heart into, she inevitably reaches her perfection.

Like I always, I impart to you this quote.

Do not give way to useless alarm; though it is right to be prepared for the worst, there is no occasion to look on it as certain.

― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Where to find the comic? (and other writings by me?)

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