Some needed inspiration. Doom At Your Service KDrama starring Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk

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Doom At Your Service KDrama

This is the longest title I’ve ever had, I think, but it was truly some needed inspiration. I went through a long lull before I started drawing again. After getting sick last year and dreading working on Age of Sirene (AoS), I really needed something to push me to work. I was watching tons of shows before I got to Doom At Your Service (DAYS) and finally felt like I could work on AoS. This was back in early March.

I was engrossed in watching period dramas first, all things Jane Austen, mostly. Then, I aimlessly scrolled through YouTube before landing on just listening to music while reading. I had a lot of inspiration to write, but I needed to draw! I needed something to push me to want to draw.

I had a lot of work in progress.

Some needed inspiration came about when I found a clip on YouTube of Park Bo Young in DAYS.

I remembered that I had ‘bookmarked’ one of the official soundtracks into one of my favorite playlists and came across DAYS again. Biting the bullet, I went to look for the show.

I knew I loved PBY in her shows, but DAYS were beyond my expectations. I hardly ever have expectations, and this one blew away the little I had. It was so good that I couldn’t watch anything else after it. The characters, the story/world-building, and the plotline were so captivating that mediocre romance dramas just couldn’t compare.

So, I did what any sane person would do.

I binged and watched edits by other fanatics of the show. 😹 As a result, I got some needed inspiration to draw. I drew a lot before this and definitely after this. However, I think it was all the result of feeling like I had to draw. I had to put into paper (in this case, digital) what my mind and heart wanted to say. And because it’s already a ready-made story, there wasn’t a need to write about it.

Drawing has been difficult for me, so I always try to find reasons to pursue it without making it about ‘work’. AoS is ‘work’ to me when it comes to drawing. It feels like a chore at times, but when I do fanart or art just for myself, it feels like the art I used to know. Therapeutic.

I want to continue exploring, learning, and leveling up as time goes on.

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