Happy Halloween 2021, dears


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This Halloween 2021, I dressed up as Coraline from the stop motion film, Coraline. It’s a movie I loved as a teen and still love to this day.

I dress up yearly and usually draw myself too. I enjoyed this one a lot and felt that I’ve gotten a bit looser when it comes to drawing. It’s a fun journey seeing my own growth, to be honest.

Check out the full image here.

I’ve been working on this artwork for a week before Halloween (2021) and had the idea midway through giving up dressing as a hobbit. lmao. I just don’t have clothes that make me look like a hobbit. I shall remedy that for next year, though.

Here are some of the other times I dressed up.

I’ve done Alice last year, but I guess I never drew that one out. In 2019, I dressed up as Sadness, but I was doing Inktober.

I dropped the ball for all the art challenges this year, even Fabluary which I do with my sister. The first third of 2021 was just chaotic and warlike in my mind. Considering my mental breakdown (which wasn’t as bad as when I was 23, but it was still bad) and working on the beginnings of a commission. The second third was about working on the last bits of my first children’s book.

This last third, I’ve found a new appreciation for myself and forgiveness. It’s given me rejuvenated love for my art and focus on my writing which I was afraid of switching into.

Next year, I’d like to retackle challenges. Lol, but trying not to drown me somehow. My mind stresses about the most random things, so yah know, I never know how next year will go.

Just swim with the tide.

But if you’re curious, this November… read here.

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