Published and Unpublished Work

Truth is, I’ve been working on a list of unpublished work. Even though I’ve been practically missing all August as if I took a month-long vacation soon as I finished with the children’s book commission. The behind-the-scenes, so to speak.

My Unpublished Work

The thing is, I just have a lot I want to talk about. But I want to talk about it in different ways that I’ve just held up posting them. I will… soon… eventually get to finish them the way I want. For now, here is the sneak peek to look forward to in the near or far future.

My Published Work

Last Sunday, I met up with the authors of “How Did Cavemen Cut Their Toenails?” which was really exciting and a great opportunity as they’d always been stories their mother told me about. It was nice to see the personalities behind the cute work that I had seen throughout the past 7-8 months of working on the book. This illustrated children’s book was such an eye-opener for me. And I’m sure future me will be really glad this first step was taken with people who were as patient, detailed, and passionate about the work that goes into such a creation.

The link to “How Did Cavemen Cut Their Toenails?” is an affiliate link. I make like maybe a portion of a cent if you choose to buy using the link. Thank you if you do! 🙏 It supports the logical side of me that gets my creative side working.

“How Did Cavemen Cut Their Toenails?” were the boys first book. I hope they continue without fear in their chosen path.

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