New Writing Project: Light Novel [ The Blue Robin ]

I’ve been debating as to what to do next after I finished writing Listening to Georgiana and ended up with my new writing project: The Blue Robin.

Even though I still have plans to continue the story of Georgiana, I wanted to mull over the next steps. Consequently taking a break from creating Lullabies for Georgiana.

I want to create the stories of my girls and deliver them to the best of my abilities. Currently, Georgiana’s story is on break. I have decided to separate myself from her for the meantime as I feel we’ve spent too much time together the past year.

And though I’ve been working on The Bird Song for the past 3 or 4 years as a result of a convoluted dream I had, Clara’s story is also at a pause.

I have so many topics I wanted to tackle with TBS that it became an overwhelming story that I couldn’t keep up with. This was something that took a life of its own without me realising it. So, to the back of the shelf, it goes for now.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Georgie. She was the side of the coin I desperately wanted to be rid of once upon a time. Now she is a piece of my heart I cherish for always.

In the future, I plan to tell the deeper story of Georgie, Eve, and Adam.

New project: The Blue Robin

the blue robin nanowrimo progress bar word count

The goal of the month is to finish the first draft of the first book or volume.

The Blue Robin is a larger part of a series. Sirene Series is a light novel series about magical people in a magical world dealing with magical problems, but it’s also about normal people in a normalized world dealing with normal problems. The short bit about is that it’s about a girl learning to be empathic. The story is also a bit of romance, a slice of life, and fighting off magical zombies.

It’s not my typical writing… of a mental-health-centric story like Georgie or my poetry or even like TBS which is filled with people who aren’t necessarily okay. But it’s a genre I’ve written about since I was young.

To know more, please do check out my Patron page. You don’t have to subscribe to see information about the series. Though becoming a Patron does have its perks!

I’ll be releasing drafts and character designs as well BTS stuff.

If you’re interested in the “live” word count of the first draft, I update NaNoWriMo as often as possible. As of the time I am writing this post, I am already around 30K words which is more than half the goal of 50K. 👌

There’s nothing more satisfying than writing a story that’s writing itself.

I mean, there probably is, but The Blue Robin; New World has been very satisfying so far. It could be because I’ve thought of this story since 2012 thanks to a friend who helped create the basis of the idea.

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