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Since I’m near finishing Listening to Georgiana, both editing to my fullest wants and publishing on Tapas, I thought I should take a minute to promote the short story collection spin-off, Short Ramblings of Those in Waiting. I wrote these short stories in tandem to LtoG, so they certainly have the same feeling, lots of angst. Hahaha

Not to say, I didn’t enjoy them.

Much of the content from Short Ramblings inspired scenes in LtoG. I couldn’t use all of them for the story, but I can’t cramp them all into one book especially if they’re not really relevant to Georgiana’s story. What a bummer. So, I created Short Ramblings. That said, I will be continuing to write short stories that expand the world of LtoG.

Don’t be fooled if you check it out on Tapas. It’s labeled as “Complete” as each story are standalones.

If you follow my current newsletter or even the new update posts, you’ll know that I’ve gone through a kind of metamorphosis.

These have been ramblings, but thanks for being patient.

The first story will be about Georgiana’s grandmother. I love my grandmother’s name, so I will be using her actual name for the time being.

Virginia lived a fulfilling life surrounded by her children, grandchildren, and great-grandkids and could not ask for more in the life she’d lived until she passed through the heavenly gates of lore and faced the man she’d sworn her life to some odd 50-years-ago. Meeting once again after decades-long of separation, there is love afterlife.

It’ll embody the sort of fantastical or mystical things that occur with Georgiana, and the guy from her dreams. I imagine it’ll be tackling the realities of being a single mother in the mid-1900s while also reverting the old-soul of my grandmother back to her youth.

I’ll be rambling, hopefully, in the voice of my grandmother in this new story I’ll be writing.

You can join me or watch my progress on NaNoWriMo.

I had this dream once, my grandmother fell in love with my grandfather.

It was around after she’d passed away. In the dream, they’d re-met. It made me wonder, do people in the afterlife fall in love?

If an afterlife existed, I would like to think that there is love after life.

Interested in reading other short stories?

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