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They say, in the world, there is one person we match in complete-ness, someone we are in-sync with. People were tiny things in the past. We were energies roaming the world without a solid form. We were fish, ape, and amoebas. We were atoms. We were Adam and Eve’s, descendants. No matter how the tale is spun, we were one thing made into two, then made into more. In the world, two people came from the same place, energies that have worked together since the beginning of time. And they will keep working together till the end of it. They’re called soulmates.

Within the dreams, I believed, he was mine.

a note from me.

We are nearing the end of Listening to Georgiana little by little. And I’m ready to finish sharing this first installment of Georgiana’s story.

That said, because of my recent injury, I have to do a lot of catching up in the things I’d intended to get done for LtoG such as the eBook/ PDF for you non-Tapas readers. I want to reach more audience without worrying you with account registrations and such. Also since Tapas is another app to download, I know how it can be inconvenient for some.

This little bit of note is turning out to be longer than the actual story, so I will end it here! See you guys in Chapter Seven!!!

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