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monthly thoughts


March has been one hell of a month as we all know and we keep marching on despite the downfalls. The same can be said about my struggle with art this month.

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the bird song section

I finished one piece of TBS artwork this month and it is of a painting of Eduardo Arriola, nephew of Magda whom I’ve drawn multiple times.

Just something to do, I suppose that was something TBS related. I was also aching to draw a character with a skull mask on. There’s just something about these types of characters that are fun.

Lady Eliana Art

Other Bird Song Art

For the month of March, I was able to release two videos pertaining to Fabluary, the art challenge from last year. The one above is a timelapse of my last drawing for the challenge with audio.

Check out this link for a timelapse with only music:
Fabluary 2020 | Character Design | Timelapse

Personal Projects

I didn’t really make any posts this month and spent a lot of time just floating about. I’m marching on as best as possible. I drew quite a few pieces and wrote up chapters. Things I intended to try to finish are still in my to-do list.

I’m working on my watercolor series as well but I have very little to show for it for now.

Social Accounts

Trying to find a schedule for my YouTube videos as well as trying to keep up with Instagram.


I promote my Patreon a lot and that’s because most of my long blog posts are only accessible by patrons. Creating Art posts used to be seen by everyone.

As well as access to TBS hi-res images and information such as character details or story updates.

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  1. grandfathersky says:

    Your work has grown, along with your remarkable talent

    1. junesketches says:

      Thank you! 😊 I do feel like I’ve really gotten better.

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