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It’s been some time since my last post, so I thought I would update everyone with what I’ve been up to this February by talking about Fabluary.

If you’ve noticed, I didn’t do my usual ‘goals and expectations’ post. I just didn’t get a chance to do it because I jumped right into what I needed to. I will do a recap in my Monthly Thoughts with what I intended and what I accomplished. For Patrons, you’ll probably get in-depth info on this since I usually talk a lot during Creating Art posts. 😂

February means Fabluary. Last year, my sister @ krislustrations on Instagram started an art challenge called Fabluary. I had a whole post about it last year but since that information is no longer accessible, I’ll go ahead and recap what Fabluary is.

Fabluary is a yearly drawing challenge done in February. It focuses on stories that are fairytales or fables. Last year’s prompt dealt with specific characters, while this year’s prompt is more of an open-ended one. We could choose our own characters whether from the same story or not.

I opted to tackle Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland because, in the beginning of my Vela June blog, I’d already been talking about my own adaptation of the story.

I first called it My Sayuri as I was heavily influenced by anime and Japanese culture. It’s since grown into Through the Rabbit Hole and has become a part of the Magie Mordue project/universe. This means, my OC Lyra will be traveling into the world of TRH and messing around with it-.

I’m really enjoying TRH and discussing it on various social media platforms like Instagram and Patreon. You can check me out in either.

I’ll be compiling, of course, all the information I gave out by the end of the year and making a page all about TRB for you guys to return to whenever. I’ll also include other worlds that belong to the Magie Mordue Project.

By the way, I call it Magie Mordue Project because it started off as entitled Magie Mordue but became The Last Magi. Basically, MM just not refers to the entire universe that deals with the fairytales and fables encompassed in MM. I think it’s so crazy how big this project has become. I’m still in awe with my young 20-something-year-old self for weaving these stories in a way that still excites me to this day.

That’ll be it for this update. I’ll see you guys next time!

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