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how far will you travel?

Traveling to Japan has been a dream of mine since I was young.

As a child, after school was spent with the TV where I watched old anime series like Sailormoon, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Dragon Ball, to name a few. That was when I was living in the Philippines.

After moving to the States, I expanded to more anime and deepening my love for the Japanese culture through their dramas, music, and food, all the while soaking their traditions and language in my brain.

I could definitely say that during that time, I understood enough Japanese to feel comfortable walking around Japan. Unfortunately, I was not the child I was traveling back in March. I was uncomfortable walking around in a foreign land where I could make a mistake that could have costly consequences.

Despite this, I managed.

I truly enjoyed every bit of the experience with this travel and hope to continue documenting what I couldn’t while vacationing.

Through photography. Through writing. Through art.

People have often fascinated me but I’ve never really taken the time to translate this in my work. I look forward to more projects because of this.

I also have plans rebooting my Bus Stories collection with added artwork to give me an excuse to draw more people.

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