finding some clarity in japan

I found clarity in Japan. They say a long walk out in fresh air can do wonders for the mind and soul. Faithful to cliches, this was accurate during my vacation.

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During my two week vacation in Japan, I experienced an expanse of weather changes. Honestly, I wasn’t the least bit annoyed by the cooler forecasts. Rather, I embraced the cold.

We encountered the famous sakura all over our trip to Tokyo, Hakone, Yokohama, and Chiba. Each time, I slightly felt underwhelmed not because they weren’t beautiful but rather, I may have expected groves.

I suppose, instead of the word “expect” it was more like I wanted to see groves of sakura blooming. I completely understand how unrealistic that may be. It was after all a beginning to an end of winter and spring was a figment of thought.

Still, it was a joy to spot them here and there. It was nice to see the pink in a sea of greens and empty spaces.

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