How Did Cavemen
Cut Their Toenails?

Written by Alek and Max Iannaccone \ Illustrated by Roxanne Adupe

Life for kids 400,000 years ago was perhaps a simpler time when they could lay out and stare at the stars. In this imaginative comparison of life then and now, written by children for children, their daily routines and the world around them are questioned with humor and insight.

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Hey. I’m Roxanne Adupe, but you may know me as June of June Sketches.

I work as a freelance artist, children’s book illustrator, and writer.

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Writer and Illustrator

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Someone To You

A collection of poetry and illustrations about growing up with doubt and questions no one else can answer but yourself. It’s about finding one’s self and maybe losing yourself along the way, only to rebuild for what seems to be from the ground up.

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