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hey, i’m Roxanne Adupe.

freelance artist and occasional writer

I am the artist behind June Sketches. I create character designs mostly but am branching out designing logos and event invites as well creating my own standalone stories. Instagram is my main social media platform and can be found lurking around there.


My current passion projects consist of a webcomic in the works and a New Adult Genre novel in the process of editing.


You can get to know me more in my ‘about

listening to georgiana.

recent ramblings

fabluary | things to do in february

It’s been some time since my last post, so I thought I would update everyone with what I’ve been up to this February by talking about Fabluary. If you’ve noticed, I didn’t do my usual ‘goals and expectations’ post. I just didn’t get a chance to do it because I jumped right into what I…

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quick update

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels Here is a quick update post! Aside from my recently posted Creating Arts post (exclusive to Patrons), I thought I’ve been really dropping the ball on writing updates. Basically, the past month has been a rollercoaster for me in regards to energy. Compared to last year, the beginning of the year was not…

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lady eliana | prologue | an ending

volume 1 | spring of youth story by Philomena Anne | art by J.Adupe Eliana Imogene Wardwell found herself locked behind bars at the age of nineteen and for the continuation of the year, she would be in trial for the brutal death of her little sister and baby brother as well as for the…

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